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Här kommer ett gästinlägg från en lärare som jag (Anna) träffade när jag var på EU-studiebesöket för ett par år sedan.

Han heter Jesús Canca-Lara och arbetar som lärare i engelska i Ceuta. Jättekul att får ett bidrag från honom till vår blogg?

Här kommer inlägget:

Do you know…?

(1)   The number-one song (from the Top 40) on your birthdate?,

and …

(2)   The music that got the Oscar for “Best Original Song” this year (2013)?

If you like to discover the answers to the previous questions (*),

Visit the Blog “English@Edrissis” (http://englishedrissis.blogspot.com)…

Edrissis 1

… and you will get to know

(1) the number-one song on the day you were born and (2) the music for the 23rd official James Bond film; … among many other things.


If you like MUSIC,
If you want to learn/practice/improve your ENGLISH
(no matter your English language proficiency),
If you are (or need to be) in contact with ICT (Information and Communication Technology), and If you have INTERNET access…

… Congratulations!!
”English@Edrissis” is just for you!


24 hours a day
7 days a week

Edrissis 2

The Blog “English@Edrissis” is an attempt to integrate the teaching of the English language & ICT, using MUSIC as a mere pretext.

It is a blog for the English classroom in the Adult Centre “EDRISSIS” in Ceuta (a small Spanish town on North Africa), addressed to adults who are studying Secondary Education. In other words, “English@Edrissis” is a virtual tool to motivate students and make them more interested in the English language, while they are watching video-clips and using Internet for a specific goal.

“English@Edrissis” is an innovative educative practice dealing with Foreign Language Learning  & Information and Communication Technology, where special emphasis is paid on the development of 2 «Key Skills» established by the European Union: Linguistic Competence & Digital Competence.

In short, “English@Edrissis” can be regarded as:

-A digital  tool designed to give an answer to the needs of the students of Secondary Education in our Adult Education Centre “Edrissis” (Ceuta), using both the English language and music.

– A didactic (on-line) resource, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that facilitates «self-learning»

– A complementary instrument to the curricular contents established in the educative legislation.

– A bank of «extra material» for the English classroom.

– And, above all, a window to show our students’ projects.

Some reasons to use Music in language learning

Music is everywhere and everybody has musical tastes. We can say that there is no human society without its music. It is an important part of people’s lives. Besides, in relation to language learning, the use of music offers a major advantage: It is highly motivating.

For that reason, it would be unwise to ignore the potential of this flexible and attractive resource in our schools.

People (in general) and students (in particular) enjoy listening to music/songs with a purpose. In our opinion, music is a good option to get students engaged and to have fun while learning. It creates a positive atmosphere in the classroom.

Music is just part of our everyday lives. It is worth bringing it to the classroom. As long as songs are catchy and relevant to the students’ needs, they are useful and motivating.


Why don’t we use songs (and their lyrics) as examples of authentic language in real meaningful contexts?

Edrissis 3

The Blog ”English@Edrissis” has been  awarded the Prize ”Sello Europeo 2011” by the Spanish Ministry of Education (December 2011) and it has been regarded as a Good Educative Practice in Spain, included in the “Red de Buenas PrácTICas 2.0” (November 2012).

”E@E” has participated and has been presented in different National and International meetings about ”Educative Digital Contents” and “ICT in Education”.

Edrissis 4

Mr Jesús Canca-Lara, the author of ”English@Edrissis”, is an English Teacher with a wide teaching experience in different educative levels. He has been working as an “Assistant Language Teacher” in the UK and in the Department of Education of his town. He has also participated in several European Projects.


To find the answers to the opening questions, you can have a look at the following links:

(1)   Post “Los Reyes” – A Spanish Tradition (Sunday, January 6, 2013): http://englishedrissis.blogspot.com.es/2013/01/los-reyes.html

(2)   Post “ADELE” (Sunday, March 3, 2013):  http://englishedrissis.blogspot.com.es/2013/03/adele.html

We hope you like it!!

Jesús Canca


One thought on “English @ Edrissis

  1. Thanks a lot, Anna, for showing ”English@Edrissis” on your blog.
    It’s a real pleasure for me to be able to share it with you all.
    I hope your readers / followers like it !

    Best wishes,
    Jesús Canca-Lara

    PS. If anyone wish to contact me, please do not hesitate to write an email to me:


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